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Stay wild moonchild


The moon has had a special fascination for us humans for thousands of years.He   has always been a symbol of the feminine principle. The feminine stands for the mysterious, the mystical, for feeling, intuition - and for trusting devotion.  And isn't that also true for lovemaking?

Just as the moon moves the ebb and flow with its energy - the element of water, which is closely connected to our emotions - it also moves our feelings, moods and also our lust. Can you feel this sensual power?

We at Kokomoon have been inspired by the moon and have incorporated this special energy into a luxurious product:
Exquisite ingredients such as the oil from coconuts, which have been allowed to ripen for many moons in the fertile soil of Africa, form the basis for a cream that pampers your intimate area, gently cares for it and also offers a sweet taste experience!

Let yourself be taken into a universe full of magic, beauty and lust and make your lovemaking with Kokomoon a special ritual full of lust, full of devotion - with the unique feeling of enjoying yourself and your partner with all your senses.


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