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For the love of our planet



We refrain from keeping as plastic-free as possible out of love for our environment. Kokomoon is a natural product that is packaged in a high-quality recyclable glass jar, finished off with a wooden lid made from natural bamboo._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_All of Kokomoon's ingredients are sourced exclusively through fair trade agreements with smallholder farmers who operate in an ethical manner with respect to the health of our planet. 

Controlled cultivation on the fertile continent of Africa
The secret of our exclusive, natural coconut oil is that it is grown on the fertile soil of Africa. We source our raw materials directly from small, family-run plantations that are able to meet our strict quality standards to produce 100% organic, certified coconut oil. 


social commitment
We are aware of our responsibility and with our entrepreneurial actions we always strive for a future worth living for all people. That is why we not only support small family businesses through close and good local cooperation, but are also involved in small social projects.

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